I write books. My two most recent novels are the adventure story A Box of Luck and To & From, which is a little more serious and borrows a bit from both the supernatural fiction and private investigator genres. More about these and upcoming work at their individual pages, and at the Coughka  blog.

Thrown intoadulthood by the murder of his father, James Barton is left with only three tools for survival: skill with a fishing line, a strict code of honor, and swordsmanship. His quest for vengeance leads him on a bloody trek through 1700-era colonial America, from Newfoundland to Nassau, and into the company of an arrogant young marksman and a Spanish nurse who may be far more than she seems. Together they grow from young adventurers on a quest into pirates as dangerous as the enemy they pursue.

I am currently seeking representation for publication of  A Box of Luck.

To & From

Simon Euler is living the quiet life, a monster in hiding, trying to reclaim his lost humanity. Jim Flown is a private investigator clutching at an ever-receding vision of stability and success. When a peculiar client hires Jim to locate Simon, the case forces both men to confront the appetites that dominate their lives.

As Jim gathers up the evidence of who Simon was, his abstract longings take on a particular form. Why would a man walk away from a perfectly happy existence?  The pursuit of that answer, and the changes it brings for both the seeker and the sought, come at a surprising price.

Waiting to see how it goes with  A Box of Luck before I decide what to do with To: From: